How Rentals Work!

1. Search for the the gowns you’re interested in.

2. You will be able to check the available dates via the booking calendar. 

3. Dress measurements are listed on the product pages. Please review these measurements to determine if item will best fit your model. We will not be responsible for item/s not fitting properly.


cancellations / rescheduling

CANCELLATIONS / Rescheduling

Cancellations will NOT be accepted for (weather, change of mind, vendor / model cancellations.) Please email us as soon as you know you know you need to reschedule. Reschedules must happen at least 15 days in advance (from your start date) or they will not be accepted. If you are needing to cancel entirely you will be refunded 50% of the balance paid. The other 50% is NON-REFUNDABLE. We will not refund any order due to late arrival out of our control. However, you will get a credit for a future rental - minus any shipping charges already rendered.

Example of rental periods

Start Date (Day 1): Day you pickup the dress. Pickup is in Sandy, UT. (Day 2): Usually the shoot date. You can return the dress after your shoot or the following morning (before 11am). Some people choose to pickup and drop-off all in the same day & you are welcome to do that as well.

5 DAY RENTAL PERIOD: START DATE (Day 1)- END DATE (Day 5). Day 5 is the day YOU MUST SHIP BACK TO US. Using 2-3 day shipping. It is important that the gown makes it back to us in 2-3 days or you will be charged late fees ($50/day) because most rentals are booked back to back. Making others miss out on their rental.

8 DAY RENTAL PERIOD: START DATE (Day 1) - END DATE (Day 8). Day 8 is the day YOU MUST SHIP BACK TO US. Using 2-3 day shipping. It is important that the gown makes it back to us in 2-3 days or you will be charged late fees ($50/day) because most rentals are booked back to back. Making others miss out on their rental. Usually this is the rental people choose when they are traveling. It is important that you select the start day 2 DAYS prior to any flights leaving/departures etc. No Exceptions! Please email me if you need a rental longer than 8 days.

Choose your favorite gown and accessories and reserve them by selecting your start date into the PRODUCT CALENDAR. Once you have selected your start date, the calendar will auto populate your END RENTAL DATE. Your start date should be (2-3 days prior to your actual event/shoot date) If you book the start date too far in advance of actual need date - you run the risk of not returning your items back to us on time. This will result in late fees. The rentals must be back to us by the 8th day (5 day rental period) and by the 11th day (8 day rental period).

*PLEASE NOTE: 1. When placing your order - if you have multiple items being rented the start dates should be the same. 2. ANY rental order that has multiple START DATES (Example: May 1st, May 4th.... etc - will be subject to additional shipping fees or canceled and asked to re-order separately. 3. Any order that has a RETURN DATE that falls on SUNDAY OR A HOLIDAY MUST BE RETURNED TO US BY FRIDAY OR BY THE FOLLOWING BUSINESS DAY.

When should you place your rental order?

As soon as you can! Most of our gowns rent out months in advance. This will help ensure that you have more available options. In need of something LAST MINUTE? Send us an email and we will help you reserve something that is currently in stock. Express shipping can run anywhere from $26-85 depending on location and gown chosen.

Example of rental periods

We ship the rentals out anywhere from 3-6 days out before your rental start date. We will send them as early as we can incase of any delays.


Day 1: (START DATE) Your items will arrive – It is important that your START date is NOT the day of your event or shoot. Please allow yourself enough time to receive the item/s and prep them for your shoot/event. In some cases - a package may be delayed (due to shipping service delays and in some rare instances due to a rental being returned to late to us. Should that occur we will email you to discuss the situation.) - it is best to prepare for any shipping delays.

Day 2: You can try on the rentals with your models to make sure everything is ready to roll! 


Day 3: This should be your EVENT or SHOOT date.

Day 4: Start packaging up your items. Be sure ALL item/s are packaged in original box (unless damaged), double tape the box. - Please be sure you have gotten out any sticks, grass, etc from the gowns before folding them. If you FAIL to remove sticks or other sharp objects - this can actually damage the item/s. And will result in fees. ALL item/s should be shipped 2-3 Day PRIORITY ONLY (NOT GROUND) PLEASE DO NOT select (SIGNATURE REQUIRED & BE SURE YOU TELL THEM NOT TO ADD THIS ON.)

Day 5: This is the day the items need to be sent back using 2-3 day shipping.

Please note: You cover your return shipping which can range from $10-60 dependent upon item/s you have rented and depending on if you are shipping the item/s back on a timely manner.  We also allow you to select the best and most reasonable options for return shipping. I recommend USPS Priority Flat Rate (that will range ($8-22 in most cases). Also in some cases you need the item/s a little longer and opt to rush ship them back which will be more costly.

Your rental item/s should be delivered to us by the 7th-8th day (5 Day Rental Period) and 11th-12th day (8 Day Rental Period). Please be sure to email us your tracking number/information.

What happens if your late in return shipping? Should you suspect you may be late - it is best to email us right away. Unfortunately, rentals have very tight turn around times and thus when your package is returned late this sadly puts a strain on another renter. If your order is not received ON the 8th day (5 Day Rental Period) and 12th day (8 Day Rental Period) – you are subject to our late fee penalties. 

I'm a bride, can I rent from you?

My main purpose of this business is for styled shoots. I have rented to brides in the past & it is a very different process. Most brides need to try on a gown prior to their wedding to make sure it fits.

So contact me if you're interested and we can see if we can make it work!

If I find out that a gown was rented for a real wedding/elopement/event (without authorization) then it is a $500 minimum charge. Please note: we reserve the right to decline anyone from renting at any time.

I have released a few gowns that I have designed myself and those will be for sale in the near future. You can always reach out about that!

Local Pickup + Try-Ons

Local Pickup is in Sandy, UT. We also have a location in Ogden available upon request. Pickup instructions will be disclosed after rental orders have been placed. But we make pickup & drop-offs very easy.

Q: Do you allow try-ons prior to the styled shoot?

A: So most of the rentals are booked back to back, meaning it's really hard to schedule that. You can always reach out to check for sure but usually it's not something that can be accommodated unfortunately.

Q: I need longer than the 1-2 day rental period, can we make that work?

A: Yes, of course! You will just choose the 5 or 8 day option & select "local pickup" instead of shipping in the checkout.

Ship Back Guide!

Before doing this business I didn't know how to ship things in the most efficient way.

So with all packages they are to be shipped back with 2-3 day shipping.

USPS has 2 options for shipping. You can ship via flat rate which ranges $16-23) $16 for a medium flat rate box and $23 for a large flat rate box. Typically, it is cheaper to ship by weight and distance. Usually it'll range ($9-17 for that). You will need a mailing box to do so. All of the priority boxes at USPS are free though!!

Renters are welcome to use UPS too as it's usually open Sundays and extended hours. Just make sure to do 2-3 day shipping not ground for either options. Each box is packaged with a return back address. I don't list it here since some gowns are from our Ogden location and some are from our Sandy location. 

Damage Fees!

Q: What if the gown is sent to me with damage?

A: It is very rare this will happen as I inspect the gowns throughly before sending them out. But I am human and send lots of gowns out on a weekly basis. It is possible for me to not catch damages. It is very important that you look through the gown and take photos/video and send them to me right away; NOT AFTER THE SHOOT. Any damages undocumented by you prior to the shoot you will be responsible for.

Q: What activites are not allowed/discouraged ?

A: Taking the gowns into water/wet sand/mud without authorization. Dragging the gown (not picking it up to walk). Models with self tanner newer than 48hrs, and applying any makeup near the gowns.
Going into heavily weeded areas and getting weeds stuck into fabric. Especially tulle it can create holes.

Q: What happens if I damage the gown on accident?

A: Please notify me as soon as it's noticed, once the gown is returned back to me it could be 2-4 weeks before I can get a quote back from the seamstress!

Q: What do the charges look like? 

A: For gowns returned with weeds, it is a flat $50 fee (unless there are holes created by the weeds) For holes smaller than a quarter, repair fees will range around $30 per hole (non-designer gowns) in lace and $50 per hole in other fabrics. Repairs will be $70 per hole for designer gowns with lace & $100 per hole in non lace fabric. For anything larger than a quarter sized hole, repairs could be more extensive and would cost $200+ depending on the gown or be considered irreparable. (See irreparable section below).

Q: What are some of the designer gowns?

A: Rue De Seine (MSRP: $1500-4000)
Grace loves lace (MSRP: $3500)
Mini Caspian (MSRP: $1250)
Reclamation (MSRP:$350-1300)
Katharina Hajak:(MSRP:$250-1000)
Lovers Society: (MSRP:$1000)
Daughter of Simone: (MSRP:$500-1500)
Everything not listed usually ranges ($400+)

Q: At what point is the damage considered irreparable?

A: So that is up to our discretion but basically anything that will make the gown too susceptible to further damage. Any dress that has a tear that is at least five inches will be considered irreparable. Rue De Seine / silk dresses cannot be bleached. If a stain is unable to removed by either me or a professional, the dress will be considered irreparable. Conditions on stains can be different depending on size, type, and location of stain. If there is a stain anywhere on the gown & won't come out via bleach or by a professional it is considered irreparable.

Please care for the gowns with the utmost of care so everyone can enjoy them 🙂


Other Questions!


A: If we ever have any collaboration opportunities they will be posted on my instagram stories. This is usually if we have a new gown we need photographed.


A: Yes, we are so excited to be doing this! We have had such a hard time locating colored suits for shoots in the past so want to make it easier for you!

Suit rentals will include a white shirt and a standard black tie for now. I hope to expand this in the future though.