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  • Rental Agreement



Carefully read the terms and conditions of this agreement. by ordering products through raw & golden rentals (“rgr”) and making payment, you agree to be bound by the terms of and will become a party to this agreement. We reserve the right to change the terms of this agreement at any time and changes shall apply to the rental of any products after the date of such change.

Rental not purchase:

This Agreement contains all the terms and conditions governing your rental of the apparel from RGR. No other terms and conditions (preprinted or otherwise) shall have any force or effect. RGR’s apparel may only be rented to adults of legal age, who may purchase with a credit card or other approved payment methods. RGR rents to, for the rental period, to the below named person (known herein as “Renter” or “You”), and renter rents from RGR the apparel described on the Rental Reservation (“Apparel”). Renter agrees that all apparel shall remain the property of RGR and must be returned upon demand.

Rental fees:

The rental fee (“Rental Fee”) for the apparel will be the total of the rental fee, insurance charges and delivery charges listed on the website in connection with your rental of the apparel. Upon submitting your order you hereby authorize us to charge your credit card for the rental fee. We will charge your credit card the amount of the rental fee immediately upon receipt of your rental order. A reservation of apparel through our website is an order for the rental of that apparel, regardless of how far in advance that apparel is reserved. In addition, at the time of your order of apparel, you hereby authorize RGR to charge your credit card for up to 200% retail value (when necessary ie: damaged apparel) of that Product (when new) at acquisition, plus sales taxes (“Retail Value”); provided that we will only make charges in the circumstances set forth herein. Rental Fees exclude all federal, state and local taxes, GST, fees, customs, duties, levies and other governmental assessments, all of which shall be paid by you directly or, if paid by RGR, shall be paid by you to RGR in connection with your order for the rental.


Renter must request reschedules no later than (20) days before the rental start date. If the request is granted the rental fee should be applied to a mutually agreed upon rescheduling date. All reschedules will be charged a rescheduling fee of $30.

Order extensions:

In some cases an extension of time to keep the apparel is possible. For an extension please email info@rawgoldenrentals.com. Any extension of time is subject to availability of other bookings for the apparel and is available only upon pre-payment of the additional rental fee applicable to that product for the period of time of the extension.

Cancellation of order:

Should you decide you need to cancel your order for any item(s) due to client cancellation, change of mind, shoot/vendor cancellation (venue, makeup artist etc. Or other unforeseen circumstances) RGR will not issue any refund or credit. If you need a change of date due to force majeure or certain unforeseen circumstances RGR will issue a credit for the full rental fee of the item(s) minus shipping charges for a future rental by you of our item(s).If the renter wants a refund instead of a credit 50% will be refunded. Any order that is already within the shipping time frame (7 days) will not be cancelled and or issued a possible date move. Any credit or refund of any kind will be subject to a restocking fee of $30.00.

Delivery to you:

We will package and deposit with USPS, or another reputable carrier of our choice, the apparel you order, with sufficient time to be delivered to you by your start date. We ship the apparel as early as possible sometimes a week in advance sometimes even sooner if we see any delays happening (PLEASE NOTE THAT IF THE GOWN DELIVERS EARLY IT WON’T CHANGE THE START DATE YOU ORDERED.) Our liability to you for failure to do deliver the apparel as ordered is limited to the timely delivery of the apparel to the carrier as ordered or a rental credit (excluding insurance and delivery charges) as determined by us. You hereby acknowledge that orders may arrive late due to shipping delays by the carrier, which are out of our control. Once your order is shipped, RGR is not responsible for delayed delivery and shall only give refunds in its sole discretion. RGR makes reasonable efforts to ensure that orders are shipped within a timely manner. The renter agrees NOT to select a start date (first day of rental – as your actual shoot date OR travel dates.) RGR requires that your actual shoot date be set for the 2rd or 3th day after your start date selected. BUFFER DAYS NEED TO BE BUSINESS DAYS (THEY DON'T USUALLY DELIVERY ON SATURDAY OR SUNDAY) SO THESE CAN'T COUNT AS BUFFER DAYS. And Holiday’s do not count as buffer days as well. IF YOUR ORDER IS NOT RECEIVED BY THE 1ST START DATE PLEASE EMAIL OR DM US ON THAT 1ST START DATE.

LOCAL PICKUP: If you are local or you are visiting and can pickup at our location (Sandy or Ogden), please schedule to pickup your order via Instagram DM (send us a message) @rawgoldenrentals to get the pickup instructions. Pickup times need to be scheduled 24hrs in advance. We need at least 5 days in advance to swap gowns between locations. Typically, all maternity gowns are in Ogden and bridal gowns are in Sandy. We are more than happy to travel the gowns to make it closer to you we just need notice. There is a $5 fee per hanger that isn’t returned.

Sizing. On each product page you will find: measurements (full specs of the gown to compare your client/models.) there will be no refunds if the apparel doesn’t fit properly. To avoid apparel not fitting – you must review the product description tab where you will find full specifications for each item. This should allow you to properly measure your model. Should your measurements be 1/2 – 1 inches larger than the specs listed – in most cases then the item(s) will be too small. There are ways for photo shoots to hide any size discrepancies. It is the renter’s responsibility to ensure you have measured prior to placing your rental order.

RGR will ship the specified size, color and design to arrive on or before the delivery date, except in the rare event that the apparel is damaged beyond repair or is otherwise unavailable. Should your ordered apparel become unavailable we will use reasonable efforts to notify you and you shall have the option to choose any available/in stock apparel to replace the unavailable item(s). Should RGR be unable to reach you, or you respond with lack of time to resolve the order, RGR, at its discretion may refund your rental fee. RGR inspects each item with the utmost care and attention to detailing, however use of our apparel is at your own risk. You agree that, RGR shall not be held liable, for any health related complaints, such as allergic reaction to cleaning methods/soaps, etc. Associated with any apparel. RGR’s apparel in some cases will be brand new, like new, excellent used condition, or used condition. There may be some minor flaws which we do our best to include in the product description.

Order Processing: Any order received (Friday-Sunday) will not be processed until Monday. All emails received after 5pm will not receive a response until the following business day. All orders placed on Saturday-Sunday will not be processed until the following non-holiday business day. Each piece of apparel may only be reserved for one person to be used at one event. Please contact RGR if any clarifications are needed about the rental process. Orders placed typically do not ship the same day that they were placed so please schedule that accordingly.

Your commitments to us:

Receipt of the apparel. Upon delivery, you bear responsibility for the apparel. You acknowledge that a secure shipping address (defined herein) is required. A secure shipping address is defined as a location where an individual can physically receive apparel with the correct names and characters one that won’t be marked returned to sender or delivered incorrectly. In the event that an unsecure shipping address is provided, RGR does not bear liability for apparel left unattended or returned to sender. Furthermore, you acknowledge that providing anything other than a secure shipping address may result in delivery delays and additional delivery fees and the apparel being returned to sender for which RGR shall not be held liable. This will result in a $100 fee and possible replacement of the gown. You agree to the described risks.

Use of the products. You agree to treat the apparel with great care, as if it was borrowed from your close friend. You are responsible for loss, destruction or damage to the apparel due to theft, mysterious disappearance, fire, major stains or any other cause, other than normal wear and tear. Normal wear and tear encompasses regular usage of the apparel that doesn’t consist of any damage. If you return apparel that is damaged beyond normal wear and tear, then you agree that we may charge you, and you shall pay, for the price for repairing or replacing the apparel, as determined in our discretion, up to the retail value for the apparel. And as rentals these some of the gowns will have more wear than others. We do our best to look over / repair prior to sending these out but we can miss things sometimes. No refunds or discounts will be given for holes / stains. 

These gowns are to be used for styled shoots only. If needed for bridals, weddings, elopements or events please email us to see what we can do. If any of the gowns are used for a wedding/elopement/event/actual bride use without our authorization you will be charged a $1000 fee. Rue de seine gowns are not to be used by any brides in any way no exceptions. For gowns that can be approved there is a mandatory try on rental ($65 + shipping) and gowns will range $250-600 for the wedding/elopement period.

Repairable damage. Any damage to beading along neckline, arms or waist, caused by your use, that require multiple repairs shall be subject to a repair fee. (requirement for repair, includes but is not limited to, multiple areas of the gown that need extensive bead repair work, stuck, damaged or ripped zippers, rips to the tulle or fabric, or excessive stains.) repair fees shall include any repair and any time to remove and replace the apparel on our website. You agree not to use the apparel near sharp objects, such as, trees, sticks, limbs, cars, or anything that could rip or heavily damage the fabric. You agree not to use the apparel with or around any self-tanning product, grass, mud, water, oil, and excessive makeup. You agree to remove any grass, sticks, twigs, leaves or other objects from inside the apparel. Returning the apparel with any objects still embedded in or between layers of the fabric will be subject to a $50 removal fee. Please note, due to how busy our seamstress is the turnaround for damages can be up to 6 weeks.

Apparel care. RGR uses fabrics that are delicate in nature and are expensive to replace. The following care guidelines apply to all of our apparel:

  • Underwear must be used with all apparel.
  • Deodorant must be used with all apparel.
  • No drinks, food, body makeup, body makeup/spray tanning may be near or used when the apparel is worn.
  • Spray tanning must be applied at least 24 hours prior to wearing the apparel.All hair and makeup must be completed prior to wearing the apparel.
  • The apparel may not be used or worn near water (unless authorized) or mud, sharp objects, trees, rocks or concrete seats.
  • No wet sand or mud.
  • The apparel must be lifted off the ground when walking.Do not iron, steam or dry clean the apparel unless authorized
  • No red rock/sand/dirt without prior authorization - some gowns will be destroyed by this,

Return of the products:

You agree to return the apparel to rgr on the Last date set forth in your order (Your end date is the ship back date). it may be possible to extend your order for the apparel by directly contacting RGR; provided that any extensions are subject to other orders for that apparel and to pre-payment of the additional rental fee applicable to that apparel for the period of time of the extension. Return of the apparel will be accomplished by depositing the apparel with USPS, by the agreed upon date in your order, and sending it via priority mail (no signature) or another reputable carrier with shipping delivery with no more than 2-3 days. Upon depositing the apparel with usps you agree to send rgr a photo of the tracking number and receipt. You are responsible for any late return of the apparel at a charge of $50 per day. Any order that has a return date that falls on Sunday or a holiday must be returned to us by the Friday before, or talk to us to see if it’s possible for after Sunday or after Holiday return. All apparel must be returned in a undamaged-box of equal size/quality to the delivery box. You are responsible for shipping return fee. You are responsible for selecting a shipping carrier that will return the items on time and in good condition. The renter assumes all responsible for any damages to apparel occurring during shipment. If you have not returned the item(s) within fourteen (14) days after the return date for the apparel, this late return will be considered a non-return. RGR will then invoice/charge the maximum late, plus the replacement cost of the item and the rental fee pursuant to the terms of this agreement. 

Payment of repair and/or replacement:

You agree that for repair and/or replacement of the apparel we may charge you up to 200% of the retail value plus the rental value, in the aggregate, for any charges arising under this agreement, excluding collection costs. The limitations of this clause shall not apply to the rental fee, which is charged separately from, and in addition to, any charges for the retail value. All payments for repair, replacement and or additional cleaning fees should be made through stripe. Any damages found to the apparel upon arrival at the delivery address should be photo documented and sent to info@rawgoldenrental.com. Should damages be sustained through cutting open the shipment box- you bare responsibility for that. It is important to use caution if using scissors or box cutter. It is crucial that you do not run scissors or a box cutter directly over the middle/center of the box. Items can be pushed up against the middle of the box.

Warranty & disclaimer:

You agree that no oral or written representation, guaranty or warranty made by RGR, its employees, agents or representatives, other than as expressly set out in these terms and conditions shall be binding on RGR. The warranty in this section is expressly in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, and of all other obligations or liabilities on RGR’s part. RGR warrants only that the product shall meet the sizes and specifications ordered by you. RGR makes no other warranties, express, implied or statutory or otherwise of products or services furnished hereunder or in connection herewith. RGR disclaims all implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. No representation or other affirmation of fact, including, but not limited to, statements regarding the suitability for use or performance whether made by seller’s employees or otherwise shall be deemed to be a warranty by seller for any purpose, or give rise to any liability of seller whatsoever. Renter acknowledges that renter accepts the products furnished hereunder or in connection herewith as is, where is and with all faults.


To the fullest extent permitted by law, renter shall, at renter’s sole cost and expense, indemnify, defend, release and hold harmless rgr, its shareholders, members, managers, officers, agents and employees, from and against any and all claims, demands, lawsuits or proceedings of any kind brought or threatened against rgr and/or its managers, members, agents and employees based on any claim, in whole or in part, that the apparel as fabricated, manufactured and/or provided by rgr fail to

  • be adequate for a particular purpose
  • comply with any product liability law, rule or regulation pertaining thereto and/or
  • be adequate for any purpose which the apparel are put after shipment by RGR to renter, and renter shall pay all costs, expenses, damages, liabilities and losses incurred by rgr, its members, managers, agents and or employees, as a result of any such actual or threatened claim, demand, lawsuit or proceeding, including, but not limited to reasonable attorney’s fees.

Litigation and collection:

Venue in any legal action brought by either RGR or renter in connection herewith shall be deemed proper in the county and state of the principal location of RGR. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of the state of Utah.
If any default is made in payment of amounts due for any order made hereunder, or upon any other breach of these terms and conditions. Renter agrees to pay RGR’s reasonable costs of collection and/or compliance, including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs, not to exceed the amount allowed by any applicable statute.
PLEASE NOTE: RGR’s has 24hrs to cancel and refund any orders placed that may conflict with any other orders. Although this is very rare, we will email you and try to work it out before sending the refund.

I agree that my start date is 2-3 days prior to any shoot or travel dates. I AGREE I HAVE ADEQUATE BUFFER DAYS (THAT ARE SHIPPING/DELIVERY DAYS) MONDAY-FRIDAY ARE SHIPPING DAYS. SATURDAY & SUNDAY DO NOT COUNT AS BUFFER DAYS. And start date is NOT on a Sunday or Holiday. RGR won’t refund/credit/reschedule for dates selected incorrectly. This requirement is set in place incase the packages delay which is our of our control. PLEASE MESSAGE ME ABOUT LAST MINUTE ORDERS!!

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